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Zorba 2.5, aka Dionysus

Posted 1 year ago

The Zorba development team is pleased to announce the release of Zorba 2.5, codename Dionysus. The release is a major step forward in terms of new features, performance improvements, and bug fixes. It is available in our download section.


The main focus of this release has been to extend and improve Zorba’s language bindings. We have finally added support for the long requested XQJ binding - a standard Java interface. Moreover, the existing language bindings for Ruby, Python, and PHP provide plenty of new classes and functions bringing their functionality very close to Zorba’s powerful C++ API.

Additionally, Zorba comes with two new modules. The schema-tools module contains function that allow generating XML schemas from sample data and vice versa. For example, this is extremely useful for generating data for unit or performance testing. The full-text module provides access to a variety of full-text primitives such as tokenization, stemming, stop-word detection, and thesaurus lookup for plenty of languages. With this module, XQuery developers have easy means to examining and indexing their text-centric information.

Last but not least, we added eight new XQuery 3.0 functions including fn:path, fn:environment-variables, and fn:unparsed-text.

We will showcase some of the new features in upcoming blog entries over the next couple of weeks.

Performance Improvements & Bug Fixes

On top of the new features, we have improved the performance of the compiler (e.g., when compiling recursive functions) and the runtime (e.g., the insertion of nodes into collections). Also, several functions, such as the file module’s read-text-lines function, have been enhanced to handle unlimited text streams while maintaining a low memory footprint.

In addition, Zorba 2.5 contains more then 30 bug fixes spread across all parts of the system from XQuery modules, compiler, and runtime all the way down to the store. Please see our ChangeLog for an exhaustive list.

As always, we strongly appreciate your bug reports and your feedback. Until then: May the FLWOR be with you!