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Join Us @ NoSQL Now! 2012

Posted 1 year ago

Zorba is a proud partner of NoSQL Now! 2012, a conference covering the dynamic field of NoSQL technologies. This year’s edition features several XQuery-related talks and some of them will showcase new features in both XQuery 3.0 and Zorba.

Some people have claimed that XQuery was NoSQL before NoSQL was cool. Well, this summer we get an opportunity to showcase that XQuery really is kind of cool but also to demonstrate where this technology fits in the NoSQL space.

To get the party started, Daniela Florescu will present the latest Advances in XML and XQuery in a tutorial format. Undoubtedly the most disruptive novelty in this area will be introduced by Jonathan Robie with JSONiq: XQuery for JSON, JSON for XQuery. The JSONiq implementation in Zorba is currently in late development stage and you can already try it live.

For XQuery implementors looking to add JSON support to your own processor, Chris Hillery will tell us everything about it inImplementing JSONiq: Add JSON to your XQuery processor in no time.

Last but not least, Matthias Brantner will introduce the 28msec platform that integrates Zorba with the MongoDB scalable store. The talk is titled Harnessing Flexible Data in the Cloud.

We hope to see you there at the Zorba booth. We will happily answer questions and debug queries ;-) If you plan to register, don’t forget to use the ZORBA coupon code to get $500 off for the entire event, $300 off any of the 2-day options, or $100 off for the single day option.

See you in Silicon Valley!