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This module defines all errors for the http-client module.


$err:errNS as xs:string
Error namespace URI.
$err:HC001 as xs:QName
An HTTP error occurred.
$err:HC002 as xs:QName
Error parsing the entity content as XML or HTML.
$err:HC003 as xs:QName
With a multipart response, the override-media-type must be either a multipart media type or application/octet-stream.
$err:HC004 as xs:QName
The src attribute on the body element is mutually exclusive with all other attribute (except the media-type).
$err:HC005 as xs:QName
The request element is not valid.
$err:HC006 as xs:QName
A timeout occurred waiting for the response.
$err:HCV01 as xs:QName
This error is not defined in the specification but used by the Zorba implementation. It gets thrown when the user gives wrong arguments which are statically correct, but make no sense (for example: http:send-request((), ())).
$err:HCV02 as xs:QName
Zorba specific error This error is raised if trying to follow a redirect for a POST, PUT, or DELETE request